Hastelloy Globe Valve Supplier in Nigeria

African valve is the best Hastelloy Globe Valve Supplier in Nigeria. This valve is especially designed to handle corrosion in high temperatures. They provide shut off and ensure minimal leakage and are widely used in the industry where corrosion resistance is essential . Description: Body material: Hastelloy C276, B3, C22 Size: 1/2″ to 12″ Class: […]

Vape Source

Vape Source is a leading distributor of vaping products, offering a wide range of Disposable pods, Elf bars, Elux bars, devices, e-liquids, and accessories in the UK. At our wholesale business, we understand the importance of providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. That’s why we work closely with some of the most reputable brands […]

TBS Dental

TBS Dental originated 30 years ago and has been manufacturing high-quality dental instruments across the USA. It’s the only company in the world to have formulated forceps with auto-retractable technology. TBS Dental is a powerhouse of innovation that is the vast manufacturing and distribution of dental products. We offer high-quality dental products like Frings, Elvatome […]

Mackchain Australia Pty Ltd

“Do you need chain conveyors for your commercial or industrial needs? Then Mackchain is a brand you can trust. We design and manufacture heavy-duty chain and sprockets that are made with stainless steel and alloy. Among our popular products are our roller chains, leaf chains, conveyor chains, and special chains. These are widely used in […]

Future Blinds

Buy direct and save, we manufacture our own blinds, shutters and awnings here on the Sunshine Coast and can’t be beaten on value. If you’re looking for blinds on the Sunshine Coast then we’re the people to talk to. Get in touch for a free measure and quote or to find out the range of […]