Mississauga Piano Studios

Mississauga Piano Studios were established in 1998 as the music school to teach all music instruments. We are well known for our piano lessons and piano keyboard instructors to provide complete guidance to accomplish full training of piano. We also teach Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Flute, Saxophone, Cello, and different music Theories. We are guided […]

Music House School of Music Prairie

Music House School of Music Prairie Village has been offering private music lessons in-person and online since 2006. At Prairie Village music academy, we provide music lessons for all ages and levels, including piano, guitar, voice, drums, violin, and more. Our instructors are highly trained and experienced musicians who love to teach. Whether you are […]

One Consciousness Coaching and Cons

Owner : Sandy Smith Email : info@oneconsciousnesscoaching.com My name is Sandy Smith, and I am an Executive Transformation Coach and Consultant. I work with high performers all over the world. I love what I do and I am exceptional at delivering results!