Rex Urwin

Unlock the power of deep breathing with our monthly Breathwork & Ice Bath sessions. Reduce stress, improve focus, and elevate your well-being. Join us at Yuraba Conference Centre, Brisbane.

Pura Vida Energy Healing

Reiki Therapist in West Palm Beach, FL. Pura Vida Energy Healing provides reiki healing for individuals in West Palm Beach, FL. A holistic approach to well-being encourages a transformative journey that nurtures both body and mind. This involves enhancing overall wellness and immunity, breaking internal barriers, fostering a “success” mindset, shedding past guilt and regret, […]

Navigate Life Coach

Navigate Life Coach is an organization run by Sarisha Naidoo, a UK life-style coach. The location of the institution is in Shelton Lane, London. The services rendered by the organization through video conferencing in the UK and Europe are life coach, life style coach, personal coach, self-improvement coach, corporate coach and career coach, etc. The […]