MindWell Psychiatric Services

MindWell Psychiatric Services emphasizes the importance of mental health as vital to overall quality of life. They offer a range of services including psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis, medication management, ketamine treatment, and genetic testing. The clinic, led by experienced professionals, advocates for addressing mental health with the same urgency as physical health, providing compassionate and […]

Quantum Clinic

Quantum Clinic is pioneering a model of preventative care for the whole human. By combining elements of biofeedback training, floatation REST, and frequency therapy, we facilitate a deeply relaxing and restorative experience.

Neurofeedback Australia

Neurofeedback Australia™, a leader in brain health, offers NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback systems for sale and provides comprehensive certification training. Serving Australia, our trusted services include a unique rental option for an immersive home experience. Elevate your mental wellness with top-quality, effective neurofeedback solutions. Take charge of your brain health – contact Neurofeedback Australia™ today.

Karuna Healing

Welcome to Karuna Healing in UT, USA! We provide specialized services in sex addiction recovery, betrayed partners, couples counseling, group therapy, and narcissism. Our experienced therapists offer compassionate support and effective healing to individuals and couples facing these challenges. Contact us today to start your journey towards healing and transformation.

Sydney TMS

At TMS Clinic and Specialist Team, we offer a highly dedicated and experienced team at our TMS Clinic locations. Our focus is to deliver specialised transcranial magnetic stimulation to all patients who visit our TMS Clinics. Led by founder, Sydney Psychiatrist Dr Jason Pace, the team is passionate about providing customised and person journey. During […]

Kinetic Inquiry Feldenkrais

Kinetic Inquiry is dedicated to helping people explore their inner worlds through movement and somatic practices. The site offers a variety of online courses and workshops, as well as information about somatic therapy and the principles of Feldenkrais Methods at Kinetic Inquiry.


In Asatoma, True extends her expertise in relationship, health, and life coaching to assist clients on their paths towards improved well-being and contentment. Her fundamental belief is that everyone possesses the ability to bring about positive transformations in their lives, and she encourages her clients to embrace change while finding beauty in each moment. Being […]

Complete Choice

Complete Choice supports people with a psychosocial disability to build their capacity in a community setting. Our aim is to empower people to be comfortable with who they are and to live their life in a way that is meaningful to them.

Five Cities Therapy

Both life and relationships can be challenging and it is easy to feel confused or hopeless as to how to make things better. You may be struggling with individual issues, such as anxiety or depression. Or possibly you dealing with relationship troubles, longing for love, and instead feeling disconnected, alone, and hurt. I have invested […]

911 Global Meds

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