Platinum Partner : Software Reselling Solution

Platinum Partner aims to support the cloud community by helping customers to secure better pricing and support, Salesforce partners to streamline their license sales process and receive a share of the license revenue and software providers to extend their reach to more customers in need of their solutions. We provide the ultimate, end to end […]

Saviom Software

Saviom is a pioneer and global provider of Enterprise Resource Management and Workforce planning solutions. It has helped many Fortune 500 companies, like Siemens, Telstra, Fujitsu, GWS, and more to optimize their workforce and improve overall business efficiency. The software’s highly flexible architecture can be configured to meet your unique business requirements.


Whether you want to build an enterprise-class solution or a customer-oriented app, Rushkar Technology has you covered. Rushkar Technology is a leading App Developers New York that can help you in accomplishing your mobile application development procedure from ideation to project delivery. You can now delight your clients with feature-rich apps developed by expert Top […]


AMT Electronics is one of the renowned electronic store in Melbourne, Australia. We are a leading supplier and distributor of all types of electronics products such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. We have been serving our customers for many years now. Our team of professionals has vast experience in this field and they know […]


Stop Click Fraud Activity, Track & Record Calls and Watch Your Website Through The Eyes of Your Visitors.

Element Technologies

Element Technologies is a business development consultancy that specializes in pinpointing and promoting critical elements to support an organization’s success. We have a distinctive industrial footprint and a principle that values diversity, offering significant value to our clients. With the help of our technology-neutral approach, our clients can adjust to shifting market conditions and receive […]

Maskottchen Technology

Maskottchen Technology is the best Embedded development company in Waterloo. Embedded development is the process of designing and programming small, low-power computer systems, called “embedded systems,” into various devices. These systems control the behavior of the device, providing it with the necessary functionality and interactivity. Embedded development involves a combination of software and hardware design, […]

Fieldclix, Inc

Fieldclix is built to help Subcontractors, Trades and other companies with a mobile workforce address the unique challenges that come with deploying field resources to multiple project sites every day. Unlike many other platforms, Fieldclix provides real-time visibility into remote activities and daily updates on progress and costs across all your active projects so you […]


Limeorder is an established software company that develops high quality software utilities and technology with a broad range of capabilities. Whether you run a dine In restaurant, quick service restaurant, coffee shop, bar, hotel, salon, spa or nightclub, get it working more efficiently using LimeOrder’s unique features.


Technology Solutions Worldwide is a certified Microsoft partner with solutions designed for all business levels. Whether you are a small, medium, or enterprise business, we ensure satisfaction and quality with each client. We have been in business since 2018 and are growing and expanding at an enormous rate. ​