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Brand ACE Supply Material Nylon Color Fluorescent Orange Style Fluorescent Orange Line Weight 170 Lb Max Tensile Strength About this item Strong string – This thick string is made of high quality nylon, which is stronger than polypropylene twine. The braided design allows this marking rope to hold up through the harshest conditions! Braided, not twisted – Braided nylon mason line is superior to nylon twisted cord because twisted nylon twine will unravel after being cut. Braided mason line won’t fray or unravel when tying knots. Easy to use – Ideal for use with string line level or for any commercial twine heavy duty outdoor projects. Use as plumb line, or with surveyors plumb bob with string, or with a masonry line holder. Garden string – This orange string is perfect for use in the garden. Use it as tomato twine string to tie up tomato plants, or for wick watering african violets, or general landscaping twine. Bright colors – Each braided masonry line roll is fluorescent and easy to see. Perfect outdoor string for use as landscape twine, property line markers, construction twine, or marker string.